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Wheel Powered Paragliding Training

 A syllabus we wrote on Wheeled Launch & Landing procedures ! 

Apparently most of the board of the HGFA are pure PG pilots, and it has been reported the board were not interested in WPPG pilots, in the rest of the civilised world  WPPG flight training is commonly a 4 day training course. Apparently some flight instructors won't make as much money, unfortunately these instructors have actually miss the point that over 75% of pilots over 50yrs of age only want to do wheeled launch, thus introducing many more people to this great sport.

Whether you are young or old, if you don't wish to carry a 25+kg back-pack with engine and fuel to get airborne, then you really should look at our Wheeled Quad aviation system, commonly call "Wheeled Power Paragliding" (WPPG).

Without question launch and landings a Quad or Trike is relatively easy in higher wind conditions, especially with a quad or trike, although a Trike's (3 wheeled) are way more susceptible and unstable in windy launch and landing situations. So, still mornings and evenings conditions are far safer for a trike type of aircraft.

Wheel based Paraglider Buggy's are know by many terms (see this video of Trike v Quad Stability) and come in many designs. We have found the LowBoy-II Quad to be the best design of them all when taking into account weight, suspension, strength & portability, our LowBoy Quad is also designed with a protective roll type frame that can be totally dismantled if required by the pilot in a matter of minutes. Our Quad is steered on the ground using your feet like most buggies (for disabled persons we offer *free customisation).

Regardless of the buggy option you choose, WPPG training is designed to get you in the air safely and with minimal risk of injury and expense. No longer should you need to learn the harder and expensive foot launch training, but never the less all foot launch skills are good to learn as the art is in the handling of the wing !

The flight Instructor you select should have wheeled based experience !

A wheel based training course can get you up in the air flying faster than a foot launch course, because there are far less procedures to learn, note that the extra procedures like forward launch, revere launch, kiting your wing etc. are all worthy of learning and should be learnt as part of you aviation knowledge !

These days there has been many cross country trips of over 1'000km accomplished in Australia, some recorded over 1'500km, obviously not in one day.

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