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:: HellCat 360cc Assembly Procedures ::

We wrote this assembly syllabus as there is no current Video of the HellCat Assembly procedures !

NB: If your HellCat engin arrives packed in bubble wrap and NOT mounted on the XXLT cage chassis, be VERY careful NOT to stand the engine in the upright position on the ground or you will Bend & Damage both carby throttle cables like this, causing the engine throttle to lock in the Open position, VERY DANGEROUS !

Firstly you need to assemble the Quad's front and rear chassis together, then fit the two aluminium "L" shaped brackets and rubber mounts the pilot seat sits on, then fit the Wheels, Axles & Roll cage, the Seat(s) can be fitted last, remember the Solo or Tandem Quad are exactly the same other than the Tandem has a front seat fitted (some use this seat to simply carry there wing back to launch site or there vehicle).

Assemble the cage up to the 8 minute of this video & STOP !
The reason for this is that the 4 stroke HellCat engine assembly is vastly different from the 2 stroke engines, we would also suggest you leave the fitting of the "A" assist brackets until later as they can get caught in your clothing as you run around the quad during assembly.

  1. After assembling the Quad, make sure you have loosely fitted the rear roll cage cross member, this holds the upper cage mounting brackets, then loosely fit the Lower Left & Right side "figure 8" quad to cage chassis brackets, leaving these a 1/4 turn loose so they can be easily moved for positioning, now mount the empty cage to the quad so that all the brackets are just pinched up in the correct position & spacing.
  2. Unwrap the engine being VERY careful NOT to stand the engin vertical on the Aluminium mounting plate or you will damage the Throttle cables like this, as the throttle cables are currently fitted too low (see Fix No.3 below), doing this also reduces the amount of loose cable play that could cause them to get caught in the propeller if the current blobs of silicon detach.
  3. If you are going to mount the engine un-assisted, it would be safer to remove the XXLT cage chassis from the quad & lay it flat or slightly on an angle by placing a lump of timber at the top end so you can fit at least two engine mounting bolts & nuts through the Aluminium mounting plate & finger tighten the nuts, now lift the cage chassis & engine onto the Four previously positioned mounting brackets on the quad, fit the retaining U clamps & pinch them up, fit the remaining 2 bolts & nylock nuts supplied, I would suggest using liquid thread 577 locktight.
  4. NB: These are 4 NEW improvement we highly recommend for the older HellCat kits;
    1. To make priming of the carby's very easy fit a Boat type Fuel Bulb primer into the fuel line, image-1 & image-2.
    2. Make Carburetor Primer buttons one on each carby, all you need is two Long Pop rivets, Two light Springs & Two Washers, first remove the two cover plates & drill out slightly larger than the rivet so the slide easily through the hole, Fit the Spring & place the Washer just below the end of the rivet & pop the rivet so the washer is fixed in place & refit the plates to the carby's, now all you need to do is squeeze the primer bulb until firm & when you press in the end of the carby primer button you will hear a rattle of the fuel filling the carby, repeat for each carby, being careful not to flood the carby's.
    3. If your throttle cables are NOT too long & the silicon is holding them in place well, you may not need to Drill & thread the blank lugs next to each Spark Plug, then fit a short allan key bolt, then make & fit a flat "L" shaped pieces of aluminium (no image yet) with a hole in the outer end to secure the throttle cable with a cable tie, this eliminates the throttle cable from accidentally hitting the propeller.
    4. If your throttle cables are too long you can relocate the Two into One throttle cable cylinder assembly by moving it up approx. 150mm & 10mm left, to remove the throttle cylinder assembly, firstly loosen both carby cables & remove the Top 17mm cable cylinder nut & then pull the top cable to slide the Brass adaption piston out the top, just enough to unhook the Two carby cables so they can be pulled out of the bottom of the cylinder, then you can remove the Bottom 17mm nut & the cylinder will slide out to give you access to the two allen key bolts, now remove the locknuts, NB: It is easier to place the "C" shaped throttle cylinder bracket onto the Quad side of the aluminium plate ONCE you have mounted the engine to the cage chassis, then scribe, centre punch & drill the two holes in the engine adaption plate either side of the horizontal bar like this, now reassemble the throttle assembly.
  5. Now you need to Drill the top cage cross member "J" bar brackets & adjust the Re-drive plate with a spirit level to an angle slightly up, now drill the location pins to secure the position (The upwards angle is so that your prop wash won't inflate your wing whilst the engine is idling the ground).
  6. Fit the four Cage netting sections (except the A shaped top piece) & fit & tighten all the velcro straps that hold the cage together.
  7. Fit the Oil cooler hoses to the engine, it is IMPORTANT to angle the Oil cooler outlets upwards so no air is trap in the cooler then tighten all the hose fittings & clamps & finally cable tie the cooler to the Cage frame & netting, NB: Fitting the oil cooler outlets downward may cause air bubbles hotspots in the engine.
  8. Fit the lower Radiator bracket (see the latest Radiator fitting position) above the engine onto the "A" section of the cage, make sure the angle vertical part of the bracket is on the engine side & level, now Fit the Radiator & top bracket also with the vertical part of the bracket towards the engine, it it a fiddle to fit these two brackets so you may want to leave them loose & tap them around with a heavy handle of a screw driver, then tighten them up.
  9. Fill the engine with oil & let it settle as it has to fill the oil cooler.
  10. Fill the radiator with coolant & water, you may need a hand for the first radiator fill as you need to tip the quad 45° to the left & give it a bit of a shake to release air from the block then refill, repeat in the other direction.
  11. Fit the 24 volt Battery under the radiator or elsewhere, plug the tail end into the Electronic box.
  12. Go over the whole Engine and Cage to make sure everything is tightened & secured.
  13. To start & tuning the engine, you first need to prime the Carby's by depressing the new carby primer button (Old versions need to press carby diaphragm through the small hole with a small zip tie end & blow air into the fuel tank vent line if there is no primer bulb conversion view-1 view-2, this will force petrol into the carby.
  14. DO NOT OVER CRANK THE ENGINE: Or you will over heat the Starter motor & possibly burn out the Electronics box !
  15. DO NOT OVER REV THE ENGINE without the Propeller as this engine is meant to have a propeller fitted to give the engine load (like a flywheel), you can damage the engine if you over rev it with NO prop fitted, so be very careful as this will not be covered by warranty!
  16. Now fit & torque your propeller to the correct tension ??nm (110 in lb) for the final test.
  17. THIS IS A SERVICE MANUAL: If you are unsure of something "Search the document" for the information.

Any questions please feel free to call me !

Happy Flying !!!

Syllabus Last updated March 1, 2015 .

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